The Royal Animals Exhibition you won’t want to miss

Late last year, it was announced that an all-new exhibition was coming to Buckingham Palace, featuring none other than the palace’s favourite royal animals.

Among those featured are the Queen’s beloved corgis and the giraffe gifted to George IV by Egypt, meaning that you’ll get to explore the entire history of each and every royal animal and perhaps learn something new along the way.
The Royal Animals Exhibition hopes to highlight the royals’ knowledge of their animals and provides more of an insight into their relationship over the years.

One of the key aspects the exhibition will explore is Queen Elizabeth’s incredible knowledge of horses, detailing how she had her first horseriding lesson at the age of three, and continuing on to describe her enviable victories at almost every Classic and how the Queen continues to ride horses to this day. The exhibition will also demonstrate the importance of horses in the modern day monarchy, especially during events such as the Royal Ascot and Trooping the Colour.
And if that wasn’t enough, the exhibition will also explore the Queen’s love of corgis. Over the years, Queen Elizabeth has had thirty corgis, many of them direct descendants of her very first corgi, Susan. Susan accompanied the Queen almost everywhere – including her honeymoon! Now, the Queen has only two dogs – both mixes between a corgi and a dachshund – named Candy and Vulcan.

You’ll also get to see the Prince of Wales and his love for his dog of eighteen years, Tigga, as well as Beth and Bluebell, the two Jack Russells that belong to the Duchess of Cornwall – even the pet hamster it was revealed Princess Charlotte had in 2016.

The exhibition will open this coming summer, starting from July 18th and ending on September 27th. Visitors will be able to view a range of art from across the Royal Collection that catalogues their love and dedication to animals and their wellbeing. The works of art span from the reign of George III to the present day monarch.
This exhibition is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the royal animals in a way you’ve never seen them before, giving you a unique new experience of the palace during a tour of the nineteen staterooms and the palace gardens.
Dont miss the royal exhibition of a lifetime.