Harry & Meghan’s African Tour

Oct 10, 2019

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex African Tour 2019


Ten Day Tour A Total Success

The recent ten-day tour across South Africa, Botswana, Angola and Malawi by Prince Harry and wife Meghan was a delight for those involved and fans of the couple.

They covered over 15,000 miles of the continent, meeting with communities, young people and the relevant leaders and elders.

The couple were not just there to smile and shake hands, this was very much a hands-on trip where the couple launched new environmental projects, educational initiatives for women as well as the more traditional royal role of boosting investments, particularly in technology.


Princess Diana

Few can forget the image of Diana Princess of Wales walking carefully through a cleared minefield in Angola to raise awareness to the plight of people.

Left behind with these devices once the soldiers had gone. Children with limbs missing, orphans and maimed adults all touched Diana’s heart and she resolved to turn the world’s attention to the situation by working with the Halo Trust.

Prince Harry paid personal tribute to his mother, honouring her work by walking the same minefield 22 years on, continuing the work of the People’s Princess.

Detonating a landmine from afar was a reminder how much work was still to be done. The Prince gave a speech on the importance of this continued work.


Archie’s Public Appearance

As if that wasn’t heart-warming enough, Archie made his first public appearance and outshone his parents, capturing huge smiles from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife.

In Huambo, Prince Harry officially opened the renovated orthopaedic centre, named after his mother. Princess Diana visited in 1997 to look at the work carried out there. Again, following a path laid by his very special and much-loved mother, Harry spent time bonding with the children and examining the role the centre plays in the community and beyond.

Prince Harry also spent a few moments of reflection at the ‘Diana Tree’ in Huambo. This was more than a royal tour and was unique because of the poignancy. Giving a speech in the spot where an iconic photograph of Diana was taken must have been a personal challenge, but the Prince has obviously inherited his Mother’s inner strength and caring heart.

Meghan has won praise for her very conservative wardrobe for the trip, spending a modest amount for the tour but looking radiant and beautiful each day. The new mum was a fabulous ambassador for our country and together with her ‘boys’ did us proud.

We look forward to seeing future initiatives from this forward thinking Royal duo.

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